7 Things Every Home Gym Should Have

  1. Vinyl Dumbbell Sets (The amount of exercises you can do using dumbbells are infinite)
  2. TV and workout DVDs/videos (Sometimes we need a little guide to our workouts)
  3. Fan (It’s getting steamy!!!)
  4. Exercise ball (I swear it’s not just for rolling around on)
  5. Resistance bands (Build those muscles!!)
  6. Scale (If you want to lose weight, you’re going to need a way to track it.)
  7. A machine/larger piece of equipment of choice (Everyone has a different idea of a workout, find a piece that fits your idea)

If you are looking for more pieces than just these 7, refer to 30 Home Gym Must-Haves


What Not to Wear (gym edition)

Sometimes choosing an outfit for exercising or going to the gym is harder than the exercise itself. Everyone should expect to sweat when they go to the gym so here are a few Do’s and Dont’s when taking on the local gym:


  1. WEAR DEODORANT! People would rather have the reeking smell of body odor masked by a light pleasant smelling deodorant. Look into getting antiperspirant deodorant that is proven to make you sweat less thus reducing body odor.
  2. Wear appropriate shoes. If you’re going to be moving a lot, you need to be comfortable. Always wear sneakers or some supporting type of close-toed shoes so your feet are safe and can support you. You don’t want bare feet getting caught on a machine.   
  3. Wear flexible pants with an elastic band for easy movement. Make sure they are the correct size so you aren’t busy pulling up your pants every 5 seconds.


  1. Do not wear big and dangling jewelry. It could get caught on a machine or restrain you from moving around.
  2. Do not wear 100% cotton shirts. You will get warm and sweat right through them. When cotton is wet, it can be uncomfortable because it is not breathable material.
  3. Do not wear very heavy lotions and perfumes. Someone working out near you could be sensitive to the scent and get a headache.

The most difficult part of choosing what to wear to the gym is the shirt. I’m always torn between wearing a loose shirt, for easy movement, or a tight shirt, to hold everything together and give you more space to move around. The truth is that not one is more or less correct to wear. It is all up to personal preference or what helps you move more easily. Loose shirts can get in the way and tight shirts can restrain motion if they are too tight so a happy medium between the two is most likely the best choice.
Stores such as Target, Marshalls, JCPenney, Kohl’s, and Macy’s sell workout clothes for inexpensive amounts or reasonable prices. If you’re looking for more durable and brand name type workout clothes, consider Lululemon and Athleta; however, these stores are much more expensive.