Welcome to my blog

Experts say the average human should get between 30 and 60 minutes of physical activity each day. As a teenager, it can be difficult to juggle school, a social life, sports and coordinating rides to the local gym (since I am unable to drive myself). Thus, getting 60 minutes of physical activity can seem like a challenge.

However, exercises that can be done at the gym can also be done at home with little equipment. There is no need for huge ellipticals and treadmills in your own home. The days I go to the gym are the days I take advantage of those machines.

Many people mistake cardio for being the only type of physical fitness. Yes, intense physical activity such as cardio is important yet there are many other types of physical activity to keep someone fit. This is especially important for someone like me who doesn’t like to run.

My goal is to give others insight into exercises that can be done at home that may not require as much energy, but still work to increase fitness.

I became interested in home fitness when my parents turned my basement into a dance studio for me to practice in a couple years ago. When the dance season ended each year, I wasn’t getting nearly the exercise I should’ve been getting so I decided to use the dance space as an exercise area as well.

When I’m not exercising or performing on dance team, I enjoy writing poetry, playing the piano and doing art in my free time. I also love mathematics and hope to study applied mathematics or economical mathematics in college.cropped-kate1.jpg