Over the summer, I work at a theater camp where main role is to teach dance, but my job includes leading any physical movement for the kids. Each session I receive about 20-25 kids which can become chaotic when I’m by myself.

Two years ago I began incorporating yoga into the daily schedule at the camp and I then realized the power of yoga and meditation. It kept the kids focused and concentrated and worked to mute the sound of children.

Yoga is underrated because people see exercise as something that makes one breathe hard. However, yoga contributes to fitness by working other areas such as flexibility and balance even though some types of yoga can get you breathing hard or help with weight loss.

Many local gyms and community centers offer yoga classes to adults. There is an instructor that leads the yoga routine and often times yoga mats are supplied. However, I’d advise bringing your own yoga mat since you don’t know who used the public yoga mats previously. Always bring a water bottle and wear tighter fitting clothing so it isn’t hanging all over the place and doesn’t get in the way of the movements.

Yoga classes aren’t for everyone. It is okay to be embarrassed and rather not do yoga in front of a class of people. If you have an open area and yoga mat at home, you can move the class to your own home, minus the other people of course. Grokker has yoga videos for almost any type of yoga desired. Whether it is weight loss or cardio or meditation, Grokker has a yoga video for it. Youtube also has tons of yoga videos and meditation music as well.


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